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African Artistry takes great pride in the responsibility of bringing our clients’ memories to life.
The process
Preparation of your Trophies

African Artistry takes great pride in the responsibility of bringing our clients’ memories to life. This process starts before we collect your trophies and involves a lot more than merely the mounting and taxidermy of your trophy.

In conjunction with masterful taxidermists, African Artistry offers a complete ‘Dip & Pack’ service. The ‘Dip & Pack’ process involves three major activities:

  • In field preparation
  • Transport of ‘raw’ trophies
  • Processing of hides and skulls for delivery
In field preparation

While still in the hunting field, hunters need to ensure that the correct process is followed after skinning. This process can differ from Outfitter to Outfitter, but the following basics need to be in place:

  • All trophies must be dipped in a salt solution with an anti-bacterial chemical.
  • All trophies must then be salted and dried.
  • It is essential that trophies are dusted with an insecticide.
Transport of ‘raw’ trophies

Trophies may not be transported without the correct documentation in place. African Artistry Taxidermy will collect your trophies from the hunting ground, with all the relevant documentation and processes completed. This includes clearance by National Parks, Customs and Shipping Agents, where needed.

We will also ensure that your skins and skulls reach you after completion in a safe and timely manner.

Processing of finished trophies for delivery

African Artistry follows the highest standard of practice when preparing to dip and pack. Skins and skulls are ‘dipped’, i.e. fumigated for insects, packaged, inventoried and quality checked before final crating for shipping. We also ensure all required documentation is in place to minimise delays and ensure the safe delivery of your trophy.

Dip and packs are ready for delivery within 90 days of receipt. We pride ourselves on fast and professional service to all our clients. All a part of bringing your memories to life.