18 Kiepersol Ave, Bainsvlei, South Africa

Extra services

At African Artistry, we go beyond taxidermy to bring your memories to life
Here are some of the extra services that African Artistry offers:
  • Collection of trophies from anywhere in South Africa
  • Shipment of trophies to anywhere in the world (crating is done onsite)
  • Provision of training and advice for your staff and customers, as well as on field preparation
  • A turnaround time of between eight to ten months
  • A “cleaning and repair” service of your trophies
Some of the taxidermy related extra services available:
  • Selling of trophies and skins
  • Dip and pack
  • Full mounts, shoulder mounts and skull mounts
  • Fish & bird mounts
  • Curios and novelties
  • Tanning of skins
African Artistry, bringing memories to life! at work